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Welcome to the Philosophy Wiki!

A wiki for the members of Philbook.

We intend for this wiki to be silly and fun while still delivering useful information.

Tree vs Rhizome

PhilWiki is NOT like Wikipedia: treat it more like Google Docs with rhizomatic structure. That is, instead of pages in directories in directories, philwiki documents can link to any other documents, forming a complex web, rather than a tree.

Create a new page by typing it in the URL, e.g., or following a link to a page that doesn't exist. More documentation on how to contribute will come in time.

You do NOT need a valid email address to register; however, we suggest you use one, so we can easily reset your password for you in the event you forget it. Feel free to jump in, or contact WSX on the Discord if you'd like help getting started.

Priority Articles

New Update : September 13 – some spammers made like 50 accounts on the server and created a few dozen pages. They did this even though every account requires ReCaptcha to be created. I think I wiped out all their accounts and pages; please let me know if I accidentally wiped you / your pages, too. Sorry about that, I'm implementing some more anti-spam measures now.

October 22: – an attempt repeated, same mistakes followed.

Contact me if you want an account:

  • Discord: who#0922
  • Matrix:
  • Email:
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